Equine Therapy

One of the most effective ways of addressing therapeutic human needs is by equine therapy. The therapy involves interaction with horses with the help of an equine therapist. Through these interactions, clients are able to unravel and explore certain patterns of behavior in relationships that had become a problem for them. The intimidating appeal and sizes of these animals can help bring up certain emotions that had been buried in the past that can help bring resolution into the main problem of the pattern. The patterns are being identified and allow the therapists to create activities and exercises that can help with these patterns. Through interacting with animals as huge as a horse, the client is exposed in an environment wherein he could be vulnerable, and allows psychological repair.

Equine Therapy1

Psychological issues such as, trauma and histories of total rejection, lack of self-assurance or confusion of self identity, and including unmet needs for attention and love, even personality disorders and addiction. These are just some of the issues that equine therapy can actually address during the therapy sessions. A very definite example could be a person who has experienced trauma and was exposed in an abusive environment might be able to cope up and can think big of himself and later on realize the feel and need of being respected when the moment they can get the horse follow their direction. The person could feel a sense of security and safety every time they can have the horse move towards them and even away from them. The clients can also learn about the horse’s psychology and can explore the connection and a bit of similarity in human dynamics.

For instance, herd-bound horses are the types that might show emotional distress when separated from the rest of the horses. Being aware of this dynamics will allow clients to understand and point them into an issue in their lives, such as separation anxiety, emotional dependence, or how they react into the same situations in their life. Through the therapy, clients are able to see in a different perspective allowing them to explore possibilities. It will enable them to take the necessary steps to take risks in their personal relationships and interaction with others. They can now tap into their fears and even connect to their real emotions and needs.


An equine therapist will be able to guide them with this throughout the process to find the meaning in their communication or interaction with the horses. The therapy will definitely help them develop interactive skills, positive outcome about life, respect for the diversity of life, recovery in traumas or addiction, the significance of community, better way of communicating, self worth and respect for life, the value of trusting other people, the sense of commitment, and even fixing broken relationships, and a lot more that they can discover about themselves. There are so many clubs and health practitioners that offer this kind of therapy; you can try learning more about it. If you find it interesting and you think this could possibly help you then go for it.

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